entrepreneurship entrepreneurial behaviour businness innovation
Types: Innovative business models, Social entrepreneurship and cooperatives
Sector: English
Skill: 2015 - now
Target: Books, guides
Dogs: Cooperatives/NGOs, Cooperatives/NGOs Teachers/trainers/educators, Higher education students (Post-Secondary and Tertiary, Other stakeholders (e.g. decision-makers, interested civil society, etc.), researches, Teachers/trainers/educators, researches

Entrepreneurial employees that drive innovation and change have become a sheer necessity for many established organisations in public and private sector. This report gives a science-based overview of what entrepreneurial employees do, why such behaviours are needed and how any employee can become more entrepreneurial. Being entrepreneurial is not something magic, it is a discipline that can be learned by any employee in private and public sector. A simple explanatory “diamond” model is provided that guides employees, managers and policymakers.

Author: LACKÉUS Martin; LUNDQVIST Mats; WILLIAMS MIDDLETON Karen; INDEN Johan/ Joint Research Centre 2020