circular economy video train ce food
Type: Circular economy
Sector: English
Skill: 2015 - now
Target: Videos
Dogs: Cooperatives/NGOs, Higher education students (Post-Secondary and Tertiary, Other stakeholders (e.g. decision-makers, interested civil society, etc.), researches, Teachers/trainers/educators, researches

This is a new, more comprehensive & ambitious plan that Commissioners’ are presenting. This agenda is essential for our economy, for jobs in the future, for our environment – for sustainability on all levels: economic, social and environmental. The future is not in low-wage production, the future is not in making things with finite components. The future is providing services to the citizens in a long-term process. Services that then materialize in products, instead of the other way around, and products that are used and re-used time and time again, so that you reduce the use of raw materials and don’t deplete the earth’s natural resources. Circular economy – investments for the future!

Author: European Commission