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Types: Circular economy, Social entrepreneurship and cooperatives
Sector: English
Skill: 2015 - now
Target: Videos
Dogs: Cooperatives/NGOs, Cooperatives/NGOs Teachers/trainers/educators, High school students (Secondary School), Higher education students (Post-Secondary and Tertiary, Other stakeholders (e.g. decision-makers, interested civil society, etc.), researches, Teachers/trainers/educators, researches

The following links are mentioned throughout the video:
– French tool for companies to identify their vulnerability to critical raw materials (4’27):…
– Examples of industrial parks in Europe (7’40): Since 01/04/2015…
– National Industrial Symbiosis Programme in the UK (7’50):
– Guidance to industrial ecology by the French Ministry of Sustainable
Development (7’55): http://www.developpement-durable.gouv…
– EU Cluster Portal (8’00): Since 02/02/2015
– Green Action Plan for SMEs (12’44): Since 02/02/2015
– The EU’s approach towards a circular economy (12’49):…
– An overview of funding opportunities within the EU (13’24): Since
– Dedicated Euronews Business Planet to EU financial support tools for SMEs (13’30):…
– Entreprise Europe Network (14’11):

Author: EU Environment