sustainability higher education traincefood SDG
Types: Circular economy, Innovative business models
Sector: Slovenian
Skill: 2010 - 2014
Targets: Best practices, Infographics, Presentations
Dogs: Higher education students (Post-Secondary and Tertiary, Other stakeholders (e.g. decision-makers, interested civil society, etc.), researches, Teachers/trainers/educators, researches

Since 1972 many academic declarations, charters and partnerships were developed that were designed to foster environmental education, and education for sustainable development. Since 1987 there has been a large increase in such initiatives. The initiatives discussed emphasise that universities have a moral obligation to work towards sustainable societies, focusing on environmental degradation, threats to society, and sustainable production and consumption for this and future generations. This research presents the results from a survey exploring whether universities have signed any of the available initiatives and to what extent they have been implementing sustainable development into their systems.

Author: Rodrigo Lozano